Academic Profile

Chief Researcher @
Winslow Taylor Research Center

Dr. Eddy Yansen

I am a management scholar and lecturer specializing in branding, marketing, and Buddhist economics. I am a lecturer at the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences' school of business in Jakarta, Indonesia. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Accounting from Bina Nusantara University in 2008. I attended Pelita Harapan University to earn a Master's degree in Communication Science (2017) and a Doctorate in Research Management (2022). I've worked in a marketing agency for almost 12 years. Additionally, I earned certifications in consumer neuromarketing from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (2015), statistical analysis of fMRI data from Johns Hopkins University (2014), qualitative research from the University of Paris I: Pantheon-Sorbonne (2018), and quantitative research method from the National University of Singapore (2018).

My research, teaching, and lecturer work all contribute to the development of a Personal brand-oriented company. Personal brand orientation centers on the creation, orchestration, and alignment of the founder's brand identity in ongoing interactions with customers and non-customer stakeholders. The objective is to establish long-term competitive advantages through a well-managed personal brand that is complemented by a strong organizational brand. Along with his research methodology, which frequently incorporates a neuromarketing strategy, he has done commercial neuromarketing studies using Eye-Tracking and EEG monitoring for a variety of global corporations. I am currently conducting research on Buddhist Economics, examining the interplay of Buddhist principles and management in the twenty-first century. Writing books, articles, and podcasts to promote the incorporation of Buddhist principles into daily management practices as a possible solution to the looming catastrophe caused by carbon-centric economics and consumerism.

Research Lab

NeuroBusiness Lab

Eddy has worked on research and consulting projects for many of Indonesia's largest corporations, including Toyota, Lippo Group, Astra Group, and many more advertising and marketing firms. Eddy assists businesses in selecting the best Neuromarketing technique to meet their business questions, conducts market research projects, and delivers unique insights in full research reports.

Brand Perception Lab

An empirical examination of your reputation and visibility to assist you in better understanding the marketplace and your firm's role in it. Brand research may also assist you in determining the attributes that actually distinguish you from the competition in the eyes of your prospective customers. These features are known as differentiators or your competitive edge.

Multi-Sensory Marketing Lab

Eddy's work includes research on human perceptual processes in the multi-sensory marketing lab. Our focus is on multisensory perception in marketing communication with sensory interaction.

Dr. Eddy is actively engaged in :

  • Marketing Research Association

  • Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

  • Mix Method International Research Association

  • Rapidminer Academy

  • Academy of Marketing Science

  • European Association of Methodology (EAM)

  • System Dynamics Society


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